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Lismore Connoisseur

Lismore Connoisseur has been especially crafted for the whisky lover, a range of specialty barware that perfectly enhances the flavours of your favourite drink. A finely tuned selection of tumblers crafted from the finest crystal allow for the full experience of taste and aroma, not to mention their good looks and expert craftsmanship. Fashioned in unique shapes, Lismore Connoisseur offers must-have vessels for the whisky aficionado.

Enjoy your favourite craft beers with the Lismore Connoisseur Beer Collection, a stylish and sparkling way to bring the microbrew trend into your home. Crafted in lead crystal with the signature Lismore cutting pattern, these impressively substantial beer glasses are designed to enhance the flavour and appearance of any brew - from delicate Belgian Pilsners to robust English Stouts. Give the gift of an exceptional beer glass and add a touch of sophistication to the moment.

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