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5 Things You Didn't Know About Irish History & Heritage - Lismore Short Stories
5 Things You Didn't Know About Irish History & Heritage - Lismore Short Stories



Ireland is known for being a land of talkers, writers and story-makers - the Lismore Short Stories collection is inspired by these words and the warmth and spirit of the Irish people…with a modern twist.

Inspired by Irish land and its patterns, great poets and writers, and the beautiful rolling Irish landscapes…the pieces in this collection feature iconic symbols and intricate patterns that tell their own story. Designed to bring people together, Lismore Short Stories tell its own tale with striking crystal accentuated by dramatic, contemporary marble touches – all featured in unique designs. Items such as specialty tumblers, decanters atop dramatic marble bases, and host-ready ice buckets encapsulate the true spirit of the Irish people and the land they live on, with flashes of modern style for today’s homes.

Read on to discover 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Irish History & Heritage with Lismore Short Stories...

1 | They Know How To Write A Good Tale

Ireland has a rich cultural history in terms of storytelling, myths and legends – and it has produced more than its fair share of great writers. Famous writers from Ireland include Oscar Wilde, Jonathan Swift who wrote Gulliver’s Travels, Bram Stoker - author of Dracula, and James Joyce, who wrote Ulysses which was set in Dublin. W. B Yeats conveys a strong sense of the landscapes, myths and atmosphere of Ireland in his poetry. Irish legends are many and have long inspired a nation of gifted storytellers.

Elements of the Lismore Short Stories collection are inspired by the home of some of these authors – Europe’s oldest library Marsh’s Library in Dublin (named City of Literature in 2010). The towering grid-like oak book shelves where may famous words rest, are inspiration for the Cluin pattern seen in this collection.

Lismore Short Stories Cluin Collection
Lismore Short Stories Cluin Collection

2 | They Lived In Castles

The architecture in Ireland is one of the most visible features in the Irish countryside – with remains from all eras since the Stone Age, and is iconic around the world. Ireland is famous for its ruined and intact Norman and Anglo-Irish castles, small whitewashed thatched cottages and Georgian urban buildings.

The famous Lismore Castle in Waterford is the home of the iconic Lismore collections. Built by King John in 1185, it was designed in a Medieval Gothic style in a magnificent setting, and features some of the grandest interior design ever seen. Lismore Short Stories is the latest chapter in the Book of Lismore and features both barware and giftware. Discover contemporary grey marble and gold touches, in addition to iconic crystal and beloved patterns…all inspired by the grandeur of Lismore Castle.

Lismore Short Stories Collection
Lismore Short Stories Collection

3 | They Have Their Own Symbolic Language

Ogham (pronounced oh-am), is the earliest form of writing in the Irish language and was used from the 4th to the 7th centuries. Based on the Latin alphabet and inscribed on stones or sticks, the text is read from bottom up.

There currently are over 400 surviving examples of Ogham all over Ireland. Named after the Celtic God Ogma, (the God of Literature) this 20 letter writing system often denoted ownership of an object and has also been linked to poetry. Lismore Short Stories features the Ogham Collection, consisting of four tumblers - each representing four meaningful Gaelic words: Síocháin meaning Peace, Sonas meaning Happiness, Gra meaning love and Clan meaning Family.

Lismore Short Stories Ogham Collection
Lismore Short Stories Ogham Collection

4 | They Have A Rich Textiles Industry

Ireland has a huge fashion and textile industry, dating back as far as 750 BC when they first spun their own wool. For centuries the beautiful and unique artwork of intertwined knots has featured in Irish culture and they are known worldwide for their knitware.

Olann (Irish word for wool) is the famous knitware from the set of Islands off the West Coast of Ireland known as The Aran Islands. Laying at the mouth of the Galway Bay where the Atlantic Sea is relentless, the Islanders were fisherman and farmers whos livelihoods and lives were deeply intertwined. The Aran knit sweater was a product of this environment and since then has become the ultimate symbol of Irish Clan heritage. Each Aran stitch carries its own unique meaning and historic legacy from the lives of the Island community.

The cutting design for this collection is pulled from a Aran knit Pattern known as the ‘Diamond Stitch’ representing the fields of the islands and a wish for success and wealth.

The Olann pattern within Lismore Short Stories takes this iconic diamond shape as inspiration for its designs.

Lismore Short Stories Olann Collection
Lismore Short Stories Olann Collection

5 | The Landscape Is Breathtaking

The land of Ireland, from the staggering Cliffs of Moher to the pristine Killarney National Park, has the kind of beauty that will make you a believer. Blanketed in lush green grass, wild flowers and dotted with castles and lighthouses, there really is nothing quite like Ireland's landscape. Ireland’s natural beauty has served as inspiration for many writers, poets, playwrights and designers.

The Aras pattern in the Short Stories Collection derives from the stunning fields that dominate the Irish landscape. These pieces depict vertical cuts - representing the striking architecture of the turrets of Irelands many beautiful castles which color the Irish landscape.

Lismore Short Stories Aras Collection
Lismore Short Stories Aras Collection